Working towards resources for reporting on drug and alcohol issues

May 10, 2018

The 2018 Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference will be held this month over Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 May with optional workshops on Wednesday 30 May at the QT Gold Coast.

Ms Brydie Jameson, Senior Project Officer at Everymind joins us at the Conference to discuss ‘Working towards resources for reporting on drug and alcohol issues’.


Everymind has been commissioned by the Commonwealth Department of Health to develop evidence based education and training resources on responsible reporting of drug and alcohol issues in Australian media.

The resources will build on the successful implementation of the dissemination of Mindframe education and training resources for communication of mental illness and suicide in mass communications, with the aim to increase help-seeking behaviour and reduce stigma associated with drug and alcohol use.

Mindframe has been working with the media, university educators and other communicators about the safe and accurate portrayal of suicide and mental illness in the media for 20 years. The Mindframe team is set to apply the same evidence based approaches to the Mindframe for Drug and Alcohol project.

The Mindframe project team at Everymind is working in partnership with the University of Newcastle (UoN), who has completed a literature review and will undertake in early 2018 a survey to examine the perceptions of media representations of alcohol and other drugs by the Australian community.

This presentation will discuss and demonstrate the preliminary findings of the above activities that will inform the development of the guidelines and potential for dissemination.

The presentation will also discuss Mindframe’s methodology to achieve behaviour change when working with the media and other communicators to ensure safe and accurate messaging regarding health issues.


Brydie Jameson is a Senior Project Office at Everymind, a mental health institute delivering evidence based suicide prevention programs and research for 25 years. Brydie is involved in the delivery of the Mindframe project. She holds a Master of Public Health from the University of Newcastle and a Bachelor of Health Sciences from the University of Sydney. She has worked in the area of social policy and development at the local and global level with experience in child protection, sexual health, mental health and has spent time with the United Nations working with the Department of Social Policy and Development.

For more information on the upcoming 2018 Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference please visit the conference website.



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