Why Western Australians are taking their addictions to Thailand

February 15, 2016

koh_chang_galleryDARA (Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Asia) is a five star Thai resort offering rehab for a wide range of addictions.

The centre is a place where a team of international medical and addiction specialists deliver behavioural therapy and counselling, strict exercise and diet regimes, in picture-perfect surrounds.

The centre has been compared to private facilities in Australia and the services are much the same, so why are so many Western Australians heading there for treatment?

In a 7 News report, Director Dr Philip Townshend says run-down and underfunded treatment facilities in western countries had led many addicts to look overseas for help.

He calls it rehab tourism. He says in a place like Thailand they can offer more affordable accommodation and this means Australians can access the much needed treatment more affordably and in many cases not have to wait so long.

Approaching issues from a holistic perspective, an average day at DARA consists of yoga and flexibility classes, group and one-on-one counselling, personal training sessions, massage therapy and healthy eating options. A private treatment in Australia such as this could cost so much more.

A lot of treatment in Australia isn’t government subsidised and it can be extremely expensive and out of reach for many Australians. This highlights the importance of improving accessibility so Australians can otimise their chances of beating addictions.

The Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference 2016, themed Alcohol – Other Drugs – Behavioural Addictions, Prevention, Treatment and Recovery will be held on the Gold Coast from the 19 – 20 May 2016.

The Conference, hosted by the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association, will include workshops, presentations and forums dedicated to sharing skills and understanding in the treatment of all addictive disorders, including alcohol and other drugs, behavioural addictions, and the emerging field of online compulsive behaviour in both adults and children.

A priority aim of this Conference will also be to deepen our understanding around the interrelationship of addictive disorders between each other, as well as with mental health, family, community, and culture. To Register for the Conference CLICK HERE.

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