Understanding of the interrelationships between substance use disorders, mental health, family, community and culture.

April 16, 2018

The 2018 Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference will be held on Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 May with optional workshops on Wednesday 30 May at the QT Gold Coast.

Dr Wole Akosile, Psychiatrist and Addiction Medicine Specialist at the Currumbin Clinic joins us at the Conference to discuss ‘Understanding of the interrelationships between substance use disorders, mental health, family, community and culture’.


Dr Wole Akosile

The rates of SUDs (Substance use disorders) in patients with non-substance use psychiatric diagnosis are very high. There is a complex interaction between both disorders and the aetiological principles behind both disorders are likely similar and may include social, environmental, psychological, genetic and epigenetics factors. Having these disorders come at a great personal cost to the individual, their families and broader society.

This presentation will explore factors contributing to development of both disorders beginning with early childhood environment, attachment and parenting styles. It will also explore the role of culture and society in perpetuating or curtailing these disorders. This paper will also explore its cost and toll to our society and family. Intervention that will work is likely to involve all levels of society and will take a cultural re-think to SUDs and non-substance use psychiatry diagnosis treatment.


KEYNOTE SPEAKER Dr Wole Akosile MBBS, MPH (University of Qld), FRANZCP, Cert.Addiction.Psych FACHaM works primarily at Currumbin Clinic, providing inpatient and outpatient services which include holistic management of substance use disorder and non-substance use disorder psychiatry diagnosis, consideration of individual psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, functional restoration and neuro-stimulation. Dr Akosile is an addiction specialist and the 2016 recipient of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Addiction Psychiatry Prize. He completed his Masters in Public Health in 2009 at the University of Queensland School of population health with Dean’s commendation for high achievement.

To obtain his addiction psychiatry and addiction medicine fellowship he trained at several Queensland hospitals including the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital, Princess Alexandria Hospital, Brisbane Private Hospital and Mater Hospital. He is also an adjunct senior lecturer at the University of Queensland, and a fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, with an advanced certificate in addiction psychiatry. He also holds the fellowship of the chapter of addiction medicine. Dr Akosile is a member of the RANZCP faculty of addiction psychiatry and a member of the RANZCP sub-committee for advanced training in addiction psychiatry.

He is a recipient of the first prize of the late breakers abstract award at the 2014 APSAD conference. His special interests are substance use research, dual diagnosis and trauma. As an addiction specialist, he is able to appreciate the complex nature of substance use disorder and sees it as a medical problem with social consequences. As a clinical researcher, his treatment and principles of management are based on evidence-based practice as well as individualised care. As a health manager, he appreciates the multidisciplinary paradigm and has a good understanding of how health systems work. He is focused on relapse prevention therapy, recovery model of care and client re-integration into society.

For more information on the upcoming 2018 Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference please visit the conference website.



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