The Intersection between Trauma, Pain and Addiction.

March 30, 2017

The 4th Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference is here again and this year will be held at Mantra on View Hotel, Gold Coast on 15th – 17th May.

Topics include:

  • Navigating the service system
  • Training and Support of AOD workers
  • Issues within rural and remote communities
  • Cultural safety and sensitivity when working with specific population groups
  • Emerging trends
  • Trauma informed services
  • The lived experience and their supporters

Dr Annabel Mead, Director, BCCSU Addiction Medicine Fellowship Program will join us at the conference to discuss ‘The Intersection between Trauma, Pain and Addiction’.

“This presentation will explore the relationship between trauma, chronic pain and the development of substance use disorders. Up to 90% of women in various Canadian treatment settings report trauma histories. Chronic pain patients with histories of abuse have greater depression, anxiety and pain severity, and worse physical functioning. The mechanisms through which pain contributes to the development of addiction will be presented. Diagnosis, screening and management of Opioid Use Disorder in the pain setting will be detailed, given the current opioid overdose crisis in North America and the central role opioids (prescription and illicit) play in the lives of patients with trauma and addiction.

Trauma impacts our patient’s access to treatment, engagement in care and retention in treatment at all levels. Potential traps and helpful tips for healthcare workers practicing trauma-informed care will be explored. A focus on patient safety, respect of healthy boundaries and empowerment through ensuring patient choice and control at all times are the essential features of trauma informed care. Evidence-based treatments for trauma in the addiction setting will be identified.”

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