Research into the habits of youngsters found e-cigarette displays could lead to addiction

Posted on April 21, 2016 by Addiction Editor

ecigarettes2Whilst there may be benefits of electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking real cigarettes, are they an effective way to help beat the addiction?

Containing nicotine and flavors to help wean users off cigarettes, e-cigarettes come with a few warning signs.

In the UK, shop displays of e-cigarettes are tempting children to try them, leading to possible addiction, a study has found.

The research by Stirling University into the habits of 4,000 youngsters is the first to establish the link.

Study author Catherine Best said: “Policy makers need to consider very ­carefully how to balance the promotion of e-cigarettes to adult smokers as an aid to help them quit, while at the same time minimising their uptake by young people.”

From next month all EU states must have legislation that restricts the advertising of e-cigarettes.

But the researchers fear that e-cigarette companies will get around these by increasing adverts on billboards and in shops, beside the tills.

From next month all EU states must have legislation that restricts the advertising of e-cigarettes. To read more click here,

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