Addiction Conference

   Conference Program 2015 - Download the printable pdf

Wednesday 20 May 2015 - Optional Workshops

1.00 – 1.30pm



1.30 – 3.00pm



Workshop 1

Behavioural Addictions

Boulevard 1 Room


Workshop 2

Special Populations

Boulevard 2 Room


Workshop 3

Treatment and Recovery

Boulevard 3 Room



Healthy Recovery: An opportunity to address smoking, diet and physical activity as part of alcohol and other substance abuse treatment


Dr Peter Kelly   

Senior Research Fellow

University of Wollongong


Reframing Addiction: The impact of chronicity and ageing for models of care



Dr Karen Fisher

A/Clinical Coordinator

Centre for Addiction Medicine, NBMLHD


Benzodiazepines: The Rocky Road to Recovery!



Ms Fiona Lewi

Benzodiazepine Counsellor



3.00 – 3.30pm

Afternoon Tea




3.30 – 5.00pm



Workshop 4

Behavioural Addictions

Boulevard 1 Room


Workshop 5

Addiction Professional Support / Training

Boulevard 2 Room


Workshop 6

Addiction Professional Support / Training

Boulevard 3 Room



Body Blame: Treating Emotional Eating with EMDR Therapy


Ms Carolyn Sullivan

Private Psychologist


Working with clients that use methamphetamine


Mr Frank Borg

Forensic Service Manager



Dr Kara Granger          

Senior Clinician



Inspirational Goal Setting Session for those with Alcohol and Drug Issues


Ms Maria Pau  


Coaching With Substance


   Day 1: Thursday 21 May 2015

  8.00  -  8.40am

Registration with Arrival Tea and Coffee

Room: Boulevard Ballroom

Chair:  Mr Gerard Byrne

 8.40 - 8.45am

Conference Open 

 8.45 - 9.30am

Recovery as social justice: The recovery agenda as a mechanism for social inclusion and community engagement

Professor David Best

Professor of Criminology, Department of Law and Criminology, Sheffield Hallam University, UK and visiting Research Fellow at Turning Point and Monash University

 9.30 - 10.00am

Addiction and decision-making

Professor Bernard Balleine

Brain & Mind Research Institute, School of Medical Sciences, The University of Sydney

10.00 - 10.30am

Drug trends in Australia: Past, present and future

Associate Professor Lucinda Burns

Senior Lecturer, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of NSW

 10.30 – 11.00am

Morning Tea



Room: Boulevard 1 Room

Chair: Robert Stirling


Room: Boulevard 2 Room

Chair: Robert Battisti


Room: Boulevard 3 Room

Chair: Sheridan Meulblok

11.00 - 11.30am

Who calls the shots?

AOD Prevention: Theory into Practice

Testing the Feasibility and Potential Efficacy of a Very Brief Intervention for Cannabis Users in an Emergency Department Setting

Mr Tony Brown


Newcastle Community Drug Action Team

Ms Joanne Mazzola

National Prevention Officer

Drug Arm Australasia

Ms Lisa Gibson

Senior Research Officer

National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre

11.32 - 12.02pm

The impact of licensed outlet numbers on short- and long-term effects of alcohol use

Contribution of personality, motives, coping and licit drugs to illicit substance use in university students

Working in partnership to implement a comprehensive service coordination initiative - Windana's response to the Victorian AOD reform

Mr William Gilmore

Research Fellow

National Drug Research Institute

Dr Anna Kokavec

Senior Lecturer

University of New England

Ms Kate Graham          

Manager Withdrawal and Coordinated Care, Windana Drug and Alcohol Recovery

12.04 - 12.34pm

Alcohol policy and assemblages of intervention: Managing alcohol in Indigenous communities

Changing the Family Legacy of addiction - Changing lives, healing families and supporting children

Screening for AOD use in Emergency Department Setting the Standard

Ms Kristen Smith

Research Fellow

University of Melbourne

Mr Steve Stokes

Program Director
South Pacific Private

Mr Dave Kelly

Clinical Liaison Consultant

Peninsual Health Alcohol and Other Drug Services

12.34 - 1.30pm




Room: Boulevard 1 Room

Chair: Adrian Webber


Room: Boulevard 2 Room

Chair: Robert Battisti


Room: Boulevard 3 Room

Chair: Christine Palmer

1.30 - 2.00pm

NADAbase: Unlocking the potential of client outcome data collection

App’t – addiction anywhere, anytime

Smoking cessation in drug and alcohol treatment settings: insights from focus groups with staff and clients

Dr Suzie Hudson

Program Manager

Network of Alcohol and other Drugs Agencies (NADA)

Ms Carly Clutterbuck

Senior Clinician

headspace Meadowbrook

Dr Ashleigh Guillaumier          

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

The University of Newcastle

2.02 - 2.32pm

Policy development to support drug treatment services respond to the possession of illicit substances on premises

Treating Pornography Addiction with Trauma-Focused Therapies

The Theory and Practice of Yoga as a treatment module for Addictive Disorders


Mr Robert Stirling

Director, Planning and Strategy
Network of Alcohol and other Drugs Agencies (NADA)

Miss Vikki Prior

Owner & Principal Psychologist

Ringwood Psychology


Dr Latha Nithyanandam

General Manager

ADFNSW- Kathleen York House

2.34 - 3.04pm

A Longitudinal Study Investigating the Bi-directional Relationship of Impulsivity and Substance Use in Australian Adolescent Males and Females


AOD and Older People – A view from Aotearoa/New Zealand

Delivery of an Offending Behaviour Intervention Program in a Youth Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation program

Dr Julie Nos

Lives Lived Well, Private Practitioner

Suzy Morrison

Consumer Project Lead

Matua Raki


Mr Luke Butcher

Area Manager

Mission Australia


3.04 - 3.30pm

Afternoon Tea




Room: Boulevard 1 Room

Chair: Tony Brown



Room: Boulevard 2 Room

Chair: Sally Gainsbury



Room: Boulevard 3 Room

Chair: Karen Fisher

3.30 - 4.00pm

The Development of a Naltrexone Implant Service for Opioids, Amphetamines and Alcohol in Western Australia

Understanding the active ingredients of SMART Recovery: perceptions of group members and group facilitators

Planting seeds of change in the drug affected family

Dr George O'Neil

Medical Director Fresh Start

Fresh Start Recovery Program

Dr Peter Kelly

Senior Research Fellow

University of Wollongong

Ms Belinda Volkov

Senior Counsellor

Manly Drug Education & Counselling Centre (MDECC)


Ms Susan Watson       



4.02 - 4.32pm

A study of factors affecting problem gambling of the high rollers from Mainland China to Macao

Internet Use Disorder:  A better category for diagnosis than Internet Gaming Disorder?

Aligning colliding worlds -Collaborative practice between addictions services and child protection


Prof Zhonglu Zeng


Macau Polytechnic Institute

Dr Tania McMahon

Senior Research Officer

Queensland University of Technology


Ms Susan Russell

Clinical Consultant

Clinical Counsultancy Service, NSW FACS


Ms Michelle Ridley

Clinical Counsultancy Service, NSW FACS

4.34 - 5.04pm

Which alcohol screening tool is likely to be suitable for routine use in primary health care services targeting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians?

Parental Internet behaviour, stress and Problematic Internet Use in adolescents: A parent-child dyad study

Giving women a voice – narratives on accessing (or not) drug and alcohol services

Dr M Mofizul Islam      

Lecturer/Research Fellow          

Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute

Prof Lawrence Lam     


The Hong Kong Institute of Education

Ms Renee Brighton


School of Nursing, University of Wollongong

5.04 - 6.00pm

Welcome Reception – Trade Display Area (Boulevard Pre Function Area)


   Day 2: Friday 22 May 2015

    8.30  -  9.00am

 Registration with Arrival tea and Coffee



Room: Boulevard 1 Room

Chair: Samantha Hall


Room: Boulevard 2 Room

Chair: Carolyn Sullivan


Room: Boulevard 3 Room

Chair: Frank Borg

9.00 - 9.30am

SMART Recovery is putting the ‘mutual’ in mutual-aid: Digital and research innovations that will help connect clients, communities and treatment services with effective longer-term support


Assessing the impact of interactive gambling and new technologies on gambling problems

Training AOD staff in comorbid screening, case planning and evaluation. Does it work?

Mr David Hunt 

Area Coordinator for SA, TAS and VIC

SMART Recovery Australia


Mr Michael Bellamy

Digital and Online Community Coordinator

SMART Recovery Australia

Dr Sally Gainsbury

Senior Lecturer

Southern Cross University

Mr Gerard Byrne

Clinical Director

The Salvation Army

9.32 - 10.02am

The Sensorium: Sensory Modulation Within a Residential Treatment Setting

Psychodynamic Treatment Outcomes for Problem Gambling

An analysis of clients perceptions of improved mental health wellbeing when receiving treatments designed to address symptoms related to substance misuse


Miss Ashleigh Hilder

Occupational Therapist

Windana Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Mr Tony Clarkson

Clinical Team Leader

Gamblers Help Southern

Mr Adrian Webber

Lecturer in Counselling

University of New England


Mr David Kelly 

Health Operations Manager       

St Vincent de Paul Support Services

10.04 - 10.34am

Treating Addiction as an Attachment Disorder

Developing a Problematic Mobile Phone Use Questionnaire using a Youth Participation Approach

Body image and recreational drug use among young men in the 'Bruss' subculture

Dr John Toussaint


ProCare Alliance

Mr Michael Vacaru

Doctoral Candidate/ Graduate Teaching Assistant

University of Auckland

Mr Timothy Piatkowski

PhD Candidate

Queensland University of Technology

10.34 -  11.00am

Morning Tea



Room: Boulevard 1 Room

Chair: Isabella Ingram


Room: Boulevard 2 Room

Chair: William Gilmore


Room: Boulevard 3 Room

Chair: Geoff Richards

11.00 - 11.30am

Project HOPE - Hearing Other Peoples Experiences

Healing through Facebook: Social Media as a therapeutic tool for young people and their families

Primary and substance-induced psychotic disorders in methamphetamine users

Ms Jenni Thompson


Knox Social and Community Health


Mr Steve Adams          

Peer Support Worker    

Knox Social and Community Health

Mr Kieran Palmer

Clinical Services Manager

Ted Noffs Foundation


Mr Leki Mafoe

Manager, CALM and Youth Homelessness Services

Noffs Foundation

A/Prof Leanne Hides

ARC Future Fellow

Queensland University of Technology

11.32 - 12.02pm

The good, the bad and the ugly: A personal story of recovery

Service User Journey Mapping at an Outpatient AOD Counselling Service

Control, Escape and Men's pain: Practice Based experiences of working with Male Comorbid Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse


Dr Christine Palmer


Flinders University


Ms Maria Maver           


Ms Maria Yap

Project Manager

MonashLink Community Health Service

Ms Sheridan Meulblok


Western Region Alcohol and Drug/Sophrosyne Psychol

12.04 - 12.34pm

The ‘Circles Concept’ of Addiction ... an empowered framework for change

Addiction, affect regulation and attachment treatment: "Soothe, Contain and Move on""

Western Australia’s experience of the relationship between ADHD prescribing and amphetamine abuse

Mr Harry Mayr

Principal Psychologist

St Marys / Penrith Psychological Services Pty Ltd

Mr Steve Stokes

Program Director

South Pacific Private

Dr Martin Whitely

Senior Advocate

Health Consumers Council of WA


 12.34 -   1.30pm




Room: Boulevard 1 Room

Chair: Fiona Lewi


Room: Boulevard 2 Room

Chair: George O’Neil


Room: Boulevard 3 Room

Chair: Renee Brighton

  1.30 - 2.00pm

Social Exclusion & Addiction

Client Management Software for Enhanced Drug and Alcohol Service Delivery and Outcomes Measurement

The Silent Addiction - How do partners and families of sex addicts survive an addiction they struggle to even talk about?

Mr David Peters           

Policy Officer   

Mental Health Carers ARAFMI NSW Inc

Mr Edward Zarnow


Lyndon Community

Ms Sharalyn Drayton

Principal/Senior Therapist

ARISE Counselling Solutions

 2.02 - 2.32pm

‘Smoking & You’ -  A unique Pharmacist & Occupational Therapist co-facilitated inpatient client education group in an acute mental health unit

"Do We Have To Bare Our Very Soul"

The Impact of Problem Drinking on Family Members and Close Associates

Ms Michelle Kent

Mental Health Specialist Pharmacist

Barwon Health

Mrs Martina Greenaway

District Drug & Alcohol Service Clinical Nurse

Murrumbidge  Local Health District

Ms Jo-ann Stenton


Ethnic Communities Drugs Taskforce

 2.34 - 3.04pm

Swinging the Pendulum: Ambivalence during recovery from Psychic  Hotline Addiction


Addiction Workforce Development-The Aotearoa New Zealand experience

Supporting non government organisations providing alcohol and other drug treatment to women in NSW

Mr Michael Vacaru

Doctoral Candidate/ Graduate Teaching Assistant

University of Auckland

Ms Anna Nelson

Anna Nelson-Programme Lead

Matua Raki

Miss Ciara Donaghy

Program Manager

Network of Alcohol and other Drugs Agencies


Mrs Edith Olivares

Project Officer

Network of Alcohol and Drug Agencies

 3.04  -  3.30pm

Afternoon Tea

Room: Boulevard Ballroom

Chair:  Dr Matthew Berry

3.30 - 4.00pm

Holistic/Interagency treatment of Addiction

Mr Stephen Ling

Nurse Practitioner (NP),Drug and Alcohol Consultation Liaison Service, John Hunter Hospital,  Hunter New England Local Health District and Conjoint Teacher, University of Newcastle

4.00 - 4.30pm

Treatment of Addiction

Associate Professor Yvonne Bonomo

Physican in Addiction Medicine

Medical Head of Unit| Women’s Alcohol and Drug Service, The Royal Women’s Hospital

4.30 - 5.00pm

Problematic online gaming - Is it an addiction?

Dr Vladan Starcevic, MD, PhD, FRANZCP

A/Professor of Psychiatry, Sydney Medical School - Nepean, The University of Sydney and Department of Psychiatry, Nepean Hospital




Alcoholics Anonymous wants to work with you

Mr Dave S, Public Information Coordinator, Alcoholics Anonymous


Why gamblers eat more salt: Explaining covariance in the consumption of reward-oriented stimuli using a latent trait model

Miss Belinda Goodwin, PhD Student, Central Queensland University


Looking beyond the addiction...You don't know what you don't know

Ms Samantha Hall, Consumer Representative, Partners in Recovery


Measuring client satisfaction in residential substance abuse services

Ms Isabella Ingram, Researcher/Provisional Psychologist, University of Wollongong


A Strengths Based Family Oriented approach

Dr Latha Nithyanandam, General Manager, ADFNSW- Kathleen York House


Pindolol, a FDA approved drug for hypertension attenuates ethanol consumption in mice following long but not short-term ethanol exposure

Mr Omkar Patkar, PhD Student, Queensland University of Technology


Mapping of the NSW Non-Government Alcohol and other Drugs Sector

Mr Robert Stirling, Director, Planning and Strategy, Network of Alcohol and other Drugs Agencies (NADA)


The Chinese First Response - An innovative treatment intervention for families with substance abuse issues

Ms Maria Yap, Project Manager, MonashLink Community Health Service



*Program subject to change