Olympian Nick Willis confesses to battling pornography addiction

March 7, 2016

PORN ADDICTION NICK WILLISNew Zealand Olympic 1500m star Nick Willis says breaking the silence over his pornography addiction is worth it if it helps one person succeed in their own battle.

Willis revealed a secret and long-running addiction to pornography that he feels is now under control, the 32-year-old taking to Facebook as he marked two-and-a-half years being porn-free.
The admission has created a stir, with Willis on Sunday suggesting he was surprised by the media interest in his initial post.

“I guess I never realised how much interest the media would have in my Facebook post,” Willis wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday, “but I want to affirm that breaking the silence is worth it if even only one person succeeds in winning his/her battle”.

Willis has battled the addiction since he was a lonely teenager but only in more recent years he came to realise the implications the addiction had on his life.

Willis linked his post to an article titled ‘What it means to be pro-sex and anti-porn’ on a website called fightthenewdrug.org, referencing it in his post.

“Porn makes you think you are having sexual needs met, but really they are hollow and leave you feeling empty and lonelier than before. Basically, pornography is a very unnatural (and very temporary) solution that people use to satisfy a natural desire. To read more CLICK HERE.

Behavioural addictions will be discussed at the Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference 2016, themed Alcohol – Other Drugs – Behavioural Addictions, Prevention, Treatment and Recovery. The conference will be held on the Gold Coast from the 19 – 20 May 2016. To register your attendance at the conference CLICK HERE.

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