Mum who needs blood transfusions from drinking SIX LITRES of Coke a day

January 25, 2016

Mum who needs blood transfusions from drinking SIX LITRES of Coke a day is unable to stop even though doctors warn that her £2,000-a-year habit could kill her

  • Kathy O’Sullivan, 41, from Portsmouth, drinks six litres of daily
  • Consumes 2,000 calories and 163 tsps of sugar a day
  • The £2,000-a-year habit has left the left mum-of-three anaemic
  • She needs blood transfusions and has been warned it could be deadly 

A mum’s addiction to fizzy drinks has made her so anaemic she needed three blood transfusions and she now fears her 2,400 calorie-a-day habit could kill her.

coke_addictionKathy O’Sullivan, 41, from Portsmouth, guzzles six litres of Coca Cola every day – containing a total of 163 teaspoons of sugar – and gets severe withdrawal symptoms which leave her in agony if she doesn’t get her fix.

The mum-of-three, who is at an even higher risk as she was born with only one kidney, fears her addiction could kill her but she is unable to stop. She is now pinning her hopes on hypnotherapy.

‘I have tried to stop and go cold turkey. But within hours I am getting cold sweats and shaking’, the call centre worker, who has already lost three teeth due to her habit, said.

‘My addiction is shocking and it is ruining my life. I drink six litres every day and always have a bottle with me.’

The divorcee spoke out about her addiction after dancer and former Brookside actress Jennifer Ellison told of how she needed urgent treatment for crippling headaches after giving up an eight a day Coca Cola can habit on ITV ‘s Sugar Free Farm…

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