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Posted on May 12, 2016 by Addiction Editor

addiction and brain scienceWith only 6 days to go until the 2016 Addiction Conference there is still a chance to join the discussion on best practice from Australia and New Zealand, so we can more effectively meet the needs of all those suffering from addiction disorders and share what medical, psycho-social and peer-based approaches to addiction can offer service users, clinicians, and researchers.

Tackling modern day issues like managing ice addiction, compulsive over- eating and behavioural addictions is a complex process and will be discussed at The Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference themed Alcohol – Other Drugs – Behavioural Addictions: Prevention, Treatment and Recovery which will take place on the Gold Coast on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week (18 – 20 May 2016).

There is still time to register for the Conference CLICK HERE to register as a full or day delegate.

There is an evident relationship between obesity and compulsive over-eating and research shows that alcohol and drug addiction are now known to activate similar brain pathways which, like obesity, gives impetus to cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other health issues, and often with tragic social costs.

Furthermore, new technologies have brought about new addictions, and more and more people are being identified with internet and sex addiction. CLICK HERE to view the high quality Program.

The Conference hosted by the Australia and New Zealand Mental Health Association, will be attended by mental health and addiction experts, along with those who are working with, or recovering from addiction.

Conference chair Dr Matthew Berry says  “Australia has long shown expertise and innovation in the treatment of cannabis, alcohol and opiate addiction. However over the past ten years, there has been a shift amongst those presenting for treatment towards stimulant-related addiction, whether they be drugs like methamphetamines, or sex and porn activity.

As a treatment sector we have to make significant changes to treatment responses we are offering in order to meet these new and emerging health challenges, as well as to support and guide the families and friends left confused and hurt'”.

Events such as the 2016 Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference are critical in helping clinicians, community leaders, and policy-makers increase their ability to understand these contemporary addictions. Furthermore, they enable the sharing of innovative strategies that can improve our ability to treat and prevent all addictive behaviours and approach addictions and comorbidity in mental health considering families, culture and our community.

The Conference has a line-up of internationally reknown speakers, such as Professor Jan Copeland – Director, National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre. Her keynote will discuss the linkbetween the use of cannabis and mental health problems such as schizophrenia and whether cannabis use leads to more common psychiatric disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Associate Professor Nicole Lee, one of Australia’s leaders in methamphetamine treatment and clinical policy implementation will speak on the challenges of Methamphetamine treatment.  With so much conflicting and misleading information on the so-called ‘ice epidemic’ in Australia, Associate Professor Lee will discuss data on what’s really going on around ‘Ice’ and what it means for treatment. By using what is known about the drug, its use and its effect on the brain, we can improve our responses to people who use it.

Also presenting are Dr Paul Grayand and Dr Rob Ralphs from the Manchester Metropolitan University in a study of new psychoactive substance use from a UK perspective.

Other Keynote Speakers include Richard Murray Dean of the  College of Medicine and Dentistry, James Cook University, Dr. Michael Savic, Research Fellow in the Treatment and Systems team at Turning Point in Melbourne and Mr Garth Popple, Executive Director, WHOS (We Help Ourselves).

To view the full Program CLICK HERE. To register for the Conference CLICK HERE.

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