Landmark report sparks warning over Australia’s addiction to ‘mind-eating’ ice

Posted on March 25, 2015 by addiction

Original article published by The Sydney Morning Herald, 24 March 2015 by Political Editor (The Age), Michael Gordon

A landmark report on the scale of Australia’s ice epidemic has prompted federal justice minister, Michael Keenan, to warn that “our nation’s addiction to this mind-eating, personality-distorting, life-ending drug” is undermining the social fabric of communities.

The first public report by the Australian Crime Commission on ice warns that crime syndicates are now mixing other illicit drugs into ice to increase addiction levels “in areas the drug has not previously been present”.

It says the tend toward “poly-drug use” – consumption of more than one drug, and mixing drug use with alcohol – is also “increasing the pool” of ice users.

The commission finds that ice, or crystal methylamphetamine, poses the highest risk to the Australian community of all illicit drugs and calls for a collective response from governments, law enforcement agencies, community groups and industry.

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