Internet gaming addiction can lead to anxiety and depression

Posted on March 30, 2016 by Addiction Editor

internet gamind disorderThere’s a more serious side to getting hooked on internet gaming – a new disorder has emerged known as IGD – Internet Gaming Disorder.

Dr Daniel Loton from the Centre for Positive Psychology, Melbourne University caught up with ABC Radio to discuss a new report on Internet Gaming Disorder.

“The term addiction can be applied to any activity” he said.

It’s thought this disorder affects the way we interact socially with others and bring about anxiety, depression – and overall poorer mental health.

Diagnostic criteria is based on 6 components of addiction taken from studies of substance abuse and pathological gambling;

  • Salience – preoccupation with a particular activity usually when one activity is prioritised can cause a motivational monopoly.
  • Withdrawal – if it is taken away a person may have withdrawals
  • Tolerance – need to do that activity more and more to the same level of buzz. They experience a loss of control – attempt to reduce or quit but can’t despite psycho-social problems.
  • Deception – may have deceived family members or therapists to hide the addiction.
  • Mood modification – to escape feelings.
  • Conflict – with other activities and relationships.

When video gaming starts to dominate a persons’ life and impacts their life in a negative way like losing interest in everything else and everyone else it then it’s become a disorder. To listen to the interview click here.

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