How to Provide Support for a Loved One Staying in a Rehab Facility

June 9, 2020

When a loved one succumbs to addiction, everyone is affected. Some families even crumble under the pressure. You may feel hurt and betrayed, and experience almost as much pain and suffering as the ones who are addicted.

Their lives may go to waste unless they receive proper treatment and get a chance to recover. That’s why supporting them during these dark times is one of the best ways you can help them, especially when they choose to go into rehab.

That’s why you should take the following steps to show support for your loved ones during their stay in a rehab facility:

1. Educate Yourself

While your loved ones are recovering in a rehab facility, you should educate yourself about their ordeal. You might be surprised by what you learn about their experience.

By educating yourself about addiction, you’ll find better ways to support your loved ones. You will also begin to comprehend how hard it is to undergo treatment and recovery. Moreover, if you know the root causes and effects of addiction, you’ll be able to understand what your loved ones are actually going through.

The best part about educating yourself is finding out that there are various support techniques for different people in recovery, and that the nature of treatments offered tends to vary between facilities. You will also discover that rehab facilities that are more active on this front make considerable efforts to reach out to their concerned audience. The ones that aim to establish an online presence even engage the services of digital marketing experts, like opting for addiction treatment marketing from Lead to Recovery, to help them advertise to those in genuine need.

Most rehab facilities also offer counseling or educational materials about addiction to family members so that they can help in the treatment of their loved ones.

You could also explore official forums to learn from professionals and experts on such matters. The secret is to make time to obtain relevant information and gain valuable knowledge about it.

2. Encourage Them

Once you understand why people get addicted, you can find ways to boost the morale of your loved ones while they’re in a rehab facility. Don’t just rely on the medical personnel, social workers, or therapists to do that, but get personally involved. The more that you encourage them, the more they will feel the need to rebuild and turn their lives around.

You can encourage and rebuild their confidence by doing the following:

  • Never utter discouraging words that convey to them that the process of change is difficult. Instead, be compassionate and say words of encouragement to lift their spirits. By doing so, you’ll instill in them the belief that they can change no matter how advanced their addictions may be.
  • Demonstrate how proud you are of them for checking into the rehab facility. By acknowledging that they’re doing great, you’ll show that they made the right decision.
  • Join family treatment programs so that by being generous with your time, you will show them the importance you attach to their recovery. Also, if they know you’re willing to get involved during their recovery phase, they’ll feel motivated to finish the treatment.

3.  Show Forgiveness

Another way to support your loved ones is to show them forgiveness. Yes, this is not an easy task, but it’s one of the most important ways to help someone staying in rehab.

Even if you have not entirely moved past the hurt caused by their addiction, forgiving them should be a priority in your mind. Do these things so they can feel that you forgive them:

  • Say it. It’s better to say that you forgive them so that they’ll know about it. Afterwards, demonstrate your genuineness through your actions.
  • Don’t display anger. There may be times when you feel angry about the whole scenario, but getting mad at them will only convey to them that you haven’t forgiven them. Instead, it’s best to maintain an even temperament while visiting them in rehab rather than showing up all stressed out.
  • If they’re in rehab and don’t want to let you see them or talk to them, give them some time. You may leave a note or pass a message that you’ll wait for them. Doing so will allow them to sense your sincerity, especially when you keep showing up even after a rejected visitation.

4. Communicate With Them

Most importantly, keeping communication channels open can be a significant show of support. Calling them regularly will let them feel that you still care for them in spite of what happened. It’ll remind them that there’s someone who’s waiting for them outside the rehab facility, which is likely to increase their drive to get over the addiction.

You can constantly communicate with them via phone calls or letters. Especially when they’re not allowed to talk outside the facility, writing them a letter will remind them that someone still loves them.


These are only a few of the things that you can do to provide support for your loved ones staying in a rehab facility. First, you will need to educate yourself so that you’ll understand addiction and how you can help. By encouraging them and giving them confidence that their addiction can be treated, you will make them feel that they have not reached the end of the road.

Moreover, if you show them forgiveness, it’ll be easier for them to recover. Making your presence felt through regular communication will instill in them a greater desire to overcome their addiction.

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