Dr Karen Fisher, Centre for Addiction Medicine to Present Workshop on Women and Addiction

Posted on April 29, 2015 by addiction

The Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference will be held at Outrigger Surfers Paradise in Queensland on the 20 – 22 May 2015. Workshops will run Wednesday 20 May and require pre-registration.

Workshop Presenter: Dr Karen Fisher,  A/Clinical Coordinator, Centre for Addiction Medicine, Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District (NBMLHD)

Workshop Schedule: Wed 20 May 2015 1:30pm to 3:00pm

Abstract Overview: Reframing Addiction: the impact of chronicity and ageing for models of care.

Women and Addiction:
Epidemiological studies over the past twenty years illustrate fascinating trends in substance misuse and abuse by women. In an era where the value and need to access and use the very best evidence available to guide clinical care, it is curious to reflect many of the accepted theories and understandings informing our practices as clinicians in addiction, are based on evidence gathered in males or in contexts that do not reflect the socio-economic context of contemporary women.

Using the lens of gender to critically interrogate the development of substance misuse in women, offers many new and important insights for those involved in addiction services. What do the broader societal trends of ‘pinkification’, increasing participation by women in the workplace and the rise of households headed by women, contribute to ensuring a more nuanced and suitable approach to interactions with women by our field?

This presentation, using two examples of alcohol and over the counter codeine, analyses the historical evolution of women as a market for both substances, examines trends in use by women, and discusses the need for nuanced and specific interventions whether these are on a population or individual level. Using case studies , the challenges for traditional modes for the identification, assessment and management of substance misuse will be discussed and highlighted.

As a service, we have begun to respond and reshape the modalities of care we offer to women. The presentation will explore the failures and successes of different approaches and innovations we attempted. What signals have we found for a more tailored and useful approach to women and addiction?

To register for Dr Fisher’s Workshop, please click here.

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