Brainspotting: A Remarkable New Therapy, Stopping Addiction Relapse in its Tracks

March 7, 2018

As a 30+ year veteran as a trauma and addiction therapist, Dr Roby Abeles, has incorporated the brilliance of Brainspotting therapy with her knowledge of addiction and trauma, to actually utilise brain plasticity to create a new neural network in the brain, so that those with addictions can simultaneously access their consequences during craving for their drug/behaviour. This gives them a huge advantage in recovering.

This presentation is for those working with clients suffering addiction and trauma who are searching for a better way to help their clients.

Dr Roby Abeles

If you are looking for a therapy which is completely new, (2003) yet incorporates all we know about the brain, the body and what is needed for integration you may be interested to hear about Brainspotting (BSP)

This presentation is also for you if you are burned out with the tools you have at your disposal in the AOD world, and you feel helpless and you want to be able to really help your clients in a deeper, more successful, way.

BSP incorporates neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology, polyvagal theory and somatic work into one, easy to learn modality.

BSP is a 21st Century, brain body based highly attuned, relational therapy. It is a therapy which uses eye position to simultaneously locate, process and downregulate the amygdala (Robert Scaer), while also using interpersonal neurobiolgy (Dan Siegel) to create safety.

BSP accesses implicitly held somatic frozen capsules in the subcortical brain simply through eye position. The fixated eye position creates down regulation of the amygdala (Porges).

BSP has ways to work with those in chronic shutdown/collapse (dorsal vagal shutdown) as well as those in high sympathetic nervous system states without re-traumatising them. BSP is client led and has no protocols to learn or remember. It is a truly collaborative client/therapist journey.

This update was kindly provided by Dr Roby Abeles, who presented ‘Brainspotting: a remarkable new therapy, stopping addiction relapse in its tracks [yes even with high acuity, traumatised clients]’ at the 2017 Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference. 

Dr Roby Abeles was trained in BSP in 2004. She has been practicing and fine tuning her work with Brainspotting ever since. In 2012 she became an international Brainspotting trainer, sharing her work “Brainspotting & Addiction” in the USA, NZ and Australia. 2018 sees her teaching in Vienna and London and more state in the USA.

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