How to Become an Ambassador for Addiction Prevention

March 25, 2019

If you’re passionate about making a change to help the lives of those affected by addiction, why not consider becoming an addiction ambassador?

Discover how to become an ambassador for addiction prevention and the steps you need to take in order to grow your exposure and get

Tell your story – why are you becoming an ambassador?

What inspired you to get involved in advocating against addiction? Part and parcel of becoming an ambassador for a good cause is being able to tell your story. If you have a personal story that inspired the choice, put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to let others know of your determination to spread the word. Similarly, if you are inspired by working in the industry or simply have a passion for fighting for a worthy cause, let the public know.

becoming an ambassador for addiction

Being able to share your story is a very important aspect of becoming an ambassador for addiction awareness. It gives the public a chance to understand your values, passion and priorities for creating change, as well as the platform for you to share your opinions and steps you are actively taking to help those affected by addiction.

Find an outlet

Whether it’s blogs, podcasts or videos, you need to find your ideal platform for spreading the word. Becoming an ambassador for addiction prevention requires you to create and share content that informs, educates and inspires others to jump on board. Find your preferred outlet (or ideally, combine a few different channels for variety) and get creating.

Informative pieces, discussing current trends in the realm of addiction treatment and prevention, conducting Q&As with industry experts and fundraising for addiction prevention are just a few ways you can engage with your audience, inform them on what’s going on in the world of addiction and provide an outlet for them to join you in getting actively involved.

Find and partner with addiction associates

As an ambassador, it’s important to establish yourself with a respected and professional company, brand or association that holds the same values and priorities when it comes to the prevention, treatment and recovery of those affected by addiction. Do your research and start connecting with like-minded associates.

Furthermore, ask around and see whether these companies would be interested in hosting you as an addiction ambassador. This provides further exposure for you and your message, as well as unites you with credible companies who are dedicated to the same end goal.

Join a community of like-minded advocates for addiction prevention

Consider attending events that will enable you to grow your network and connect with others who are making a change.  At annual events like the Australian & New Zealand Addiction Conference, for example, you will be surrounded by a range of professionals specialising in addiction. From counsellors and therapists through to academic researchers, doctors and trained clinical professionals, you get the opportunity to network with varied experts. The more you can learn about the experiences, lessons and insight from these professionals, the more you can do with your role as an ambassador for addiction prevention.

Interested in finding out more about addiction from the experts? Start by viewing the 2019 conference program here.

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